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About Us

Established in 2004, Haymarket is one of the leading platforms of the publishing industry. From collaborating with known platforms like Amazon Kindle Publishers, Barnes and Noble, Abe Books, and others, to working with either the newest, rarest, or already known authors, we have come a long way, and the goal is to reach the top.

Haymarket is a self publishing platform in the USA, which provides authors an opportunity to publish their book and become an independent publisher, legally. Following the process of traditional publishing, Haymarket gives a touch of technology to make things easier and more convenient for people who seek success. At Haymarket, independent publishers and authors are offered everything they require to publish an eBook or print book for customers. Our team tends to guide publishers to easily publish, turn on the availability of their digital books on leading platforms, and track sales with proper analytical and reporting tools.
By working with Haymarket, authors pave the way to make more money with less investment. With no charges extra charges, Haymarket makes sure to make customized packages at the best possible price. Our end goal is to retain our clients by being the best help they get when they need it the most!


From publishing the book to printing, marketing, and then selling it—our mission is to be the One-man-Army for our clients.


Some dreams are meant to be digitized. Intending to be the number 1 self publishing platform in the USA, Haymarket aims to attract all the new talent, semi-established, and already famous authors, writers, and marketers to showcase their talent with technology by their side.