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In this era of digital media, anybody can become a world-famous being by just doing the bare minimum—either creating a funny video or clicking a funny image, anything can bring a person fame. Unlike earlier times, social media platforms have ensured the creation of a safe space for all the hidden talent—be it authors, poets, singers, and artists.

Contributing to the publishing industry, Haymarket is a platform that allows authors and writers to better understand their niche, audience, the demand of the readers, and the publishing of a book. All these processes used to take ages in earlier times, but today, all one needs to do is learn how Kindle Publishing works and start the process. If you were looking for a sign, this is it!

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How Can We Help?

Haymarket is a platform with the sole goal of helping people fulfill their dream of becoming self published authors. Everybody wants to be known for their work, and Haymarket makes sure to be at the service of any author struggling with their publishing process, editing and proofreading a book, or completing the final draft. Our team tries to offer the best service at low self publishing fees. We allow writers to have a platform to play on—where they can either self publish a book on their own or they can take help from an expert on our team and produce a masterpiece.

Why Choose Us

Marketing Plans

The best way to reach customers is to market your product, and with Haymarket by the side, new authors and publishers, with not much exposure, can self publish books at a low cost and get our marketing strategy services in order to attract readers.

All-Time Availability

Whether you are looking forward to self publishing a picture book or a graphic novel, you do not have to worry once you collaborate with Haymarket. Our team of experts allows you to self publish the book according to your needs and demands, or take our help and get a customized publishing plan for your book.

High Quality Content

Our team of expert writers and authors is well-trained to manage all types of content—be it a love story, rom-com, horror fiction, or Sci-Fi, if you are planning to avail of our writing services then the last thing you have to fear about is content because we promise to deliver the best.

Reaching Million Readers

The steps to self publishing a book are not as difficult as they may sound—instead, what’s more difficult is how the book will reach the targeted audience. But, if you work with us, this problem will be solved too. We collaborate with top book stockists in the USA, which makes it easier for you to reach a million readers, once you allow us to publish your book on their platform too.

How to Get Our Help.

Simply follow the below steps to find the best solution for your needs

  • Connect with us on the Live Chat or Call Us
  • Submit Your Details
  • Brainstorm with a Live Expert
  • Get a Customized Solution
  • Review the Offer and sign the NDA
  • Use a 3D Secure Link to Place Your Order
  • Receive the Confirmation of your Purchase
  • Sign-in to your Online Portal
  • Upload Your Files
  • Start your Astonishing Journey
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Our Services

Our team provides services in all types of writing patterns, here are our top availed services


Possessing the art of authorizing and publishing a book is rare to find—if you have it, seize it. For an author, the primary stage of success is book publishing—revenue, sales, and marketing are all secondary. If you have already written a book, but are confused about whether or not you should publish it, this is your sign.

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Marketing Strategy

Letting the readers know what you have to offer is one of the most crucial, yes the most beneficial stages of book publishing. After completion of all primary aspect of publishing, comes the secondary aspects, which includes marketing.

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Formatting and Designing

The overall look of a book matters the most—the cover, title, images, font style, font color, and everything (minus the content) that interacts directly with the reader. In this scenario, it becomes very important to select, design, and make sure to be unique with the formatting of a book.

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Website Designing

The layout, font, and overall outlook of a website help keep a user on it, but what actually makes them keep scrolling is the user-friendly format. As a website developer, one must always keep the users’ perspective in mind—to be as easy to use as possible.

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The Procedure of the writing Services



Once you are onboard, the assigned concierge will arrange a date and time to conduct your initial orientation session to better understand your needs and draw a smooth pathway for your journey but also unveil new possibilities


Receive the
First Draft

Your team, armed with the collected information, presents the first draft within days. This stage is designed for your input, allowing adjustments to match your preferred style and tone


your Ideas

Following a successful orientation, we provide forms for you to share details, ideas, preferences, and materials. This marks the beginning of bringing your unique ideas to Life


Unlimited Revisions
and Feedback

We are committed to delivering on our word. Request as many revisions as needed, and we actively seek your feedback to collaboratively craft a masterpiece that aligns perfectly with your vision.


your Team

With comprehensive information gathered, a dedicated, skilled, and qualified team is deployed to your account. Their mission is to exceed your expectations, ensuring 100% satisfaction in every aspect.



Haymarket Publishers is renowned for meeting tight deadlines. We consistently deliver on time, prioritizing quality. Our aim is to cultivate a healthy, fruitful, and enduring partnership with our clients

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Frequently Asked Questions sellers!

What is the process of Self Publishing?

The process of self publishing a book is simple. You need to create an account, sign into the account, choose your plan, get in touch with the team, communicate your specifications, wait for the customized layout, and start working as soon as you get the layout.

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Do you people provide book marketing services?

Yes, our team of professional marketers is always ready to provide the top marketing services for people. We provide you with a proper plan, which covers the execution and expected results at the end of the campaign.

Do I need different barcodes for eBook and print binding books?

Yes, you need to have a separate barcode for hardcover books and Paperback books, as both formats are completely different. As far as eBook is concerned, you do not need to have a barcode for that.

Will my data be safe and confidential?

Our customer’s safety is our top priority. Once you close the deal with us, your work becomes our work, and we keep our things very private. Confidentiality of your content is one thing that you will never have to worry about while working with KDP.

How much time will it take to publish my book?

The average time for book completion is almost 2 months, but it is when all other things from both parties are kept constant. Team Haymarket ensures time management, and if you acquire to complete your project earlier than 2 months, then the plan can be customized and adjusted accordingly.

What are the basics of designing a book cover?

The outlook must always be relevant to the content. If a novel is a romantic comedy, the cover must have a calming vibe. If the novel has a dark romance, the cover must be subtly spicy. Similarly, if the novel is a recipe book, the cover must be of food. The cover of a book must not only be good enough to grab attention, but also it should be relevant to the content in the book.

How can I get an ISBN?

Yes, KDP assigns a free paperback, and hardcover barcode to all the authors. If you want to have a barcode for your book, sign in to your registered account, click on Paperback / Hardcover, fill in the form, and click on Assign me a free barcode.

(Remember, the barcode would be applicable for KDP users only.)

Where will my book be available for purchase?

Haymarket collaborates with top booksellers like Amazon Publishing, Barnes and Noble, Blackwell’s, etc. If you make a sane decision, your book will be available at all these sellers.

Can I self Publish a Book for free?

The simple answer is, yes. However, the book would not be the one that could be presented to readers and bookstores. All good things need a proper investment of time and money. If you want to stand out with your work, you will have to invest for you expect a return.

Can I self publish graphic novels?

Yes, once you decide to avail yourself of self publishing services, you can publish any and every kind of book, be it a recipe book, board book, or graphic novel. All you will have to do is search for self publishing graphic novel charges in order to have a clear idea for budgeting.

Is having an Author’s Website a vital decision?

Yes, having an author website is a very beneficial aspect of one’s career as an author. There are times when readers/viewers require credibility, and that is when the author’s website and social media presence play a role. To have a vital increase in reach, it is important to think like the audience.

What is a Book’s Video Trailer?

A video trailer is basically a short video created to attract the audience. In the form of reels or GIFs, this video is either music-based or explanation-based— it helps in grabbing attention. Video trailers are usually small videos in which the lead characters are introduced, the POV of the book is explained, or a brief description of the story is presented. Team Haymarket is very professional when it comes to making a video trailer for book marketing.

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