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Over the period, thousands of authors have collaborated with us and self published their books worldwide. The idea of digitizing dreams with a touch of reality has taken us and our clients to several new places.

Here are a few services that our team of experts is ready to provide;

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Self Publishing

The art of self publishing a book means publishing a book without the name of a famous and known publisher attached to it. This process of self publishing a book gives the author the freedom and ownership of their masterpiece. Every talent deserves to be owned by the actual owner, and for book authors, self publishing is the chance for ultimate ownership.

With our platform, Haymarket, authors have the perfect opportunity to publish their book independently make it available for sale, and manage all the things themselves.

Expert Help

Extra help from an expert in the field never goes in vain. A person already working in the field has a better understanding of the dynamics and strategies of the industry as compared to a new entry or raw talent. Self publishing has many different aspects and procedures attached to it, which makes it a little difficult for authors to understand.

This issue can be encountered once you decide to get help from our expert. At Haymarket, we make sure to bring as much comfort to our customers as possible. Our team is available 24/7 to guide everyone seeking help.

Marketing Strategy

The best way to generate sales is marketing—marketing helps the product reach the relevant audience, which automatically brings in business. In sight of some people, marketing is an easy task, when in reality, it takes time, effort, and mental investment to build one strategy that ensures the organic growth of the brand.

With our team by their side, authors can easily build and follow a marketing strategy considering the analysis of the market and insights of the medium.

Editing and Proofreading

The more the revisions, the better the work. Self publishing a book via Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Haymarket, or any other platform requires the author to be invested fully, as they cannot hold anyone else responsible for the blunders they make. Editing and proofreading a book draft is one of the most crucial stages, for which authors usually seek professional help.

By allowing our team to be on your side, you can easily avail yourself of our editing and proofreading services. Our experts make sure to deliver the best work with a touch of professionalism.

Formatting and Cover Design

What keeps the reader indulged in a book? Good content and book layout! If you are an author who wants to ensure that your book gets the acknowledgment it deserves, then you must make sure to design it as catchy and attention-grabbing as possible. Book layout, writing format, and cover design are all the main aspects that help keep the book from becoming a cliché.

With our team, authors can easily get a planned strategy as to how their book should look—from cover to writing style, layout, and the overall outlook of the book.


Got a good story to share, but not enough energy, time, or effort? Don’t worry! The best way is to get your work ghostwritten. The idea of ghostwriting has always coexisted in the world of publishing. Authors that do not have a proper channel, usually get their work written by someone else, and there is nothing wrong in doing that.

Our team of top eBook writers is always available to help our authors generate top content and publish books according to their specifications.

Audiobook Publishing

The idea of writing, narrating, and presenting the book in verbal form to readers always amuses the author. Some people do not have the confidence to record their books on their own, and in such a situation, platforms like Haymarket present their help.

If you are seeking help to publish your audiobook, then our team of expert narrators can do the work for you. We have people for all types of situations be it romance, dark, Sci-Fi, or spicy, all you have to do is tell what you need.


Have you ever wondered how you can make people buy your book, impulsively? Well, the answer is, by designing it. Designing does not always mean the outlook or the font style, it also includes the design of tone, the design of synopsis, the design of prologue, and everything else.
For an author, the ultimate success is becoming number 1, or NYT Best Seller Author, and with Haymarket, this is a possible achievement. Our team of experts can help you design your book, from A to Z, including every minor detail.

Personal Writing

Acknowledgment is compulsory, and in this era of digitalization, online acknowledgment and appreciation is a need. As an author, people usually find it difficult to create an online presence—Wikipedia page, Notability Articles, Blogs, and Online Reviews create a huge impact on all careers.
if you are an author who is currently stuck, Haymarket is the platform for you. Our team of the best personal writing services in USA would be obliged to write all types of content to create a solid online reputation for you and your books.